All About Kingly-Keys

-A Collective Community Keyboard Shop-

My Name is Garret,

And welcome to Kingly-Keys

You guys know me as /u/The_Royal from Reddit, Geekhack, and Discord.  I'm just a guy who fell in love with this community about 2 years ago and haven't stopped since. I have yet to find the end of this incredible rabbit hole, and I hope I never do.

This is my online store!  The project of began in March of 2019.  Tax season had come by and after my "Treat-Yo-Self" spree of purchasing keyboards and accessories, I began to ask myself, 

"Do I want to keep buying these projects, or do I want to contribute my own?"

I had never touched much of anything in the way of keyboard/electromechanical design before.  But I wanted to learn.  KiCAD therewas my building block and after a few weeks of trial and error, I manifested the once humble idea of, The_RoMac.  My very own keyboard project made start to finish by me.  

I was ecstatic when I initially posted the Intrest checks and photos of the macro pad on Reddit.  A lot of people wanted something that I had made! 


This got me thinking.  A lot of people may want to do what I did.  This community is amazing and so talented in their efforts of bringing ideas to life, But some might want a smaller "vendor" to help with the sales/organization. 

This is what I want from

My main goal is to have this store be a means that I can bring my own ideas and projects to the community for a reasonable price, while also being a "smaller" vendor who can help the smaller projects in the community be more easily accessible for people who just want simple kit, PCB, or any other little wonder we come up with. 

Anyone who wants to sell their design on my site can just send over a contact email with initial details or ideas for their project.  I'd love to see what I can do to help. 


Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes.  A simple, classic, and clean build may be a great intro into the vast world of mechanical keyboards. But here at Kingly-Keys...we like things a little more...Adventurous, Fun, and maybe even a little Weird. 


Lets Build Something, Together!