[GB/Pre-Order] The RoMac+ (Full-Kit)
[GB/Pre-Order] The RoMac+ (Full-Kit)
[GB/Pre-Order] The RoMac+ (Full-Kit)
[GB/Pre-Order] The RoMac+ (Full-Kit)
[GB/Pre-Order] The RoMac+ (Full-Kit)
[GB/Pre-Order] The RoMac+ (Full-Kit)

[GB/Pre-Order] The RoMac+ (Full-Kit)

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This Item is on Pre-Order.  Item Ships in 3-4 Weeks
(Late November)

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The RoMac+

A Classic 12-Key Macropad with some new, fancy features.

An astonishing amount of love was given to the original RoMac. So after receiving hundred of great suggestions and comments, I took the time to give our special little macropad some well-deserved features everyone asked for.


Full Kit Features:


  • Full QMK Support
  • Same Beautiful Aesthetic as the original RoMac
  • MX, ALPS, & Choc Compatibility
  • Compatible with Elite-C, and All Other "Pro.Micro-Style" Controllers
  • "Hot-Swap" Zig-Zag Controller Footprint
  • SMD RGB Underglow LEDs (Included and Pre-Soldered)
  • Support for Bottom Left Rotary Encoder (Optional/Not Included)
  • Support for OLED Displays (Also Optional/Not Included)




Full Kits Include:

*These Kits are only available in White or Black with Gold Surface Finish)

  • x1 - RoMac+ Main PCB (White or Matte Black)
  • x1 - RoMac+ Bottom PCB Base Plate (Color Matches Main PCB)
  • x15 - 1N4148 Through-Hole Diodes
  • x1 - Tactile Reset Switch
  • x1 - Acrylic Cover Plate
  • x4 - Anti-Slip Feet
  • All Misc Hardware Included (Spacers/Screws)


**Please Note: Keycaps and Switches are NOT INCLUDED with any kits purchased unless clearly stated.


Optional Add-Ons Available for Purchase From Amazon: