The RoPro (rev 2.0) - [GB/Pre-Order]
The RoPro (rev 2.0) - [GB/Pre-Order]
The RoPro (rev 2.0) - [GB/Pre-Order]
The RoPro (rev 2.0) - [GB/Pre-Order]
The RoPro (rev 2.0) - [GB/Pre-Order]

The RoPro (rev 2.0) - [GB/Pre-Order]

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This Item Is Set To Be On Pre-Order

2-Week Pre Order will open Late November.
These Will Ship in 4-6 Weeks Post (Early December/Mid January)

x50 Kits Are Available for Pre-Order

**NOTE: Any in-stock item purchased along side this item WILL NOT SHIP until  the pre-order item ships.
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A Fully-Featured, Compact-75-Key, Ortholinear Keyboard Kit.

- REV2.0

Have you ever wanted the most extra keyboard you could have?

The RoPro may be your cup of tea. 

The RoPro Came about from my love of Ortholinear keyboards.  But I always found myself wanting something with a bit more functionality over boards like the Planck, MechMini RGB, and Preonic.  Others have felt the same, as 40% isn't exactly the "End-Game Layout" for the masses.

The RoPro, in it's purist form, is a 60% Keyboard, with an F-Row, 3 Left-Hand Macro Keys...and a Rotary Encoder (Rev2.0+ Optional OLED display).

"What more could you ask for"?


Features & Details:

- Simple Layout Options: Standard Centered-2u or Full-1u Layout Options

- High Functionality:  75 Keys to program to your liking.

- Fully Ortholinear: The Superior Layout.

- EC11 Rotary Encoder: All the Bells and Whistles you dream to code in.

- OLED Integration: A highly requested display feature (128x32)

- RGB Underglow: Supported by way of breakout "pins" for WS2812B LED Strips(Not Included)

- Low Profile Design: Only 12mm front height with the MCU being mounted on top of board.

- Powered by QMK Firmware.

**Attention Notes:

    The RoPro Only Accepts "MX-Style", Switches.

        The RoPro is Only Compatible with Elite-C "style" Micro Controllers (24pin)


          Kits Include:

          • x1 - RoPro Main PCB (MX-Style Only)
          • x1 - RoPro Switch Plate (Color Matches Main PCB)
          • x1 - RoPro Bottom PCB Case Plate (Color Matches Main PCB)
          • x1 - EC11 Rotary Encoder
          • x80 - 1N4148 Through Hole Diodes
          • x8 - Brass M2 Spacers
          • x16 - SS M2 Screws
          • x6 - Anti-Slip Feet
          • x1 - Tactile Reset Switch


          **General Disclaimer: Keycaps and Switches are NOT INCLUDED with any kits purchased unless clearly stated.


          Optional Add-Ons Available for Purchase From Amazon: