Posted 6/17/2021

Dear Kingly-Keys Customers,

This is my official and final letter of apology and explanation to the state of the outstanding buys/orders and the current relationship of my store and my customers.

Found in the “Progress” tab of this page you find a list of current outstanding orders in their entirety (To Be Posted 6/19/21) I will be contacting each one on an individual basis to communicate on the status of their purchase and how they wish to move forward.  

The rest of this letter is an explanation of sorts into the events of the last year and how the next few months will be.  Most people will remain irritated or angry with me and I understand.  This isn’t a letter to write off but just me putting everything out on the table and for once being honest with all of you.


To begin, I have lied to many of you on a selfish and stupid level of mentality.  I can no longer allow myself to sit by and be as horrible and lazy as I have been.  

After the Ave. group buy concluded in the last days of 2019, I collected funds and organized the changes and drops people requested.  At the time I had all of my quotes for machining and parts need for the buy.  But I had grossly underestimated almost all of individual costs due to my own ignorance.  From individual parts shipping costs, to extra unallocated cost of the multiple new PCB designs required from my lack of actual finalization of the functioning product.  

After struggling to get everything in its final design, a few months had gone by. I had ordered nothing at this point.  I spent money I ended up needing to cover these costs and with the events of COVID and my job at the hospital, and issues in my personal life, I stupidly, got very lazy and disconnected from everything within the project and community.

Eventually, a few months later, the big parts were finally ordered.  The cases, plates, knobs and PCBs, for both the Ave and Romac orders. 

By this time many customers had chosen to refund their orders from concern or lost interest in the project.  I upheld my promise to refund these orders in their entirety for as long as I could.  Those refunds eventually drain what little of profits and budget funds I had had up to that point. 

Everything up to now has be a complete disaster and I’m so sorry to my customers and especially the people whom I had spent years building a real action ship with.  I can NOT understand why I’ve allowed myself to dig the hole I have.  

I have every case and PCB currently sitting in my apartment,  This has been the case for months now.  I have very little money to move forward on the fulfillment of the group buy but I have every intention of getting these remaining cases and kits to their owners.  

After my profits and reputation were basically gone I felt like I had, once again, found some miraculous way to over promise, underdeliver and and completely destroy something I worked on harder than anything thus far in my life.  I’ve been living in this selfish and self inflicted depression.  I had lost every interest anything that reminded me of how lost I was in everything.  For months I stayed at home, jobless, and lived off what little money I had left after quitting my job at the hospital.  This was most of the last half of the 2020.  

After almost losing my apartment twice and having to sell most of my things, including my computer, I got a new job at the beginning of 2021.  Ive been try to save what little I can to do SOMETHING to move the buy ahead. But refunded orders and forced charge-backs combined with my complete disregard for communication keep coming through.  Not much has been done since I’ve been silent on platforms. 


These are the steps I still need to take to get orders out to customers:

- Order ribbon cables and headers (picoflex)

• This item has been a bit of an issue because soon after to buy ended, they went out of production and I’ve been trying to find them again.  It would be too expensive to redesign and buy new PCBs for a different connector.  Ive attempted a few solutions such as just hard soldering ribbon connectors by hand but as you could guess,  It’s been a mess to do that and I’m reluctant to keep trying new things on the limited PCBs i have.

-  Hand sand brass plates to fit full promised bottom row layout of ortholinear designed PCBS.

• An oversight of my design and combination of oversight.  In its current state the brass plates need to be hand modified to fit one of the bottom row layouts.  I will be contacting people to see if they wouldn’t mind the limitation.

- Hand assemble PCBs.

• I initially did this to cut costs in the same way I did with GB’s such as the Liminal buys.  Only a dozen or so have been started.  My laziness and lack of time have put this on a very slow process. 

- Order promised hardware

- Order shipping supplies

- Order Adafruit RGB THT LED’s

- Catch up on funding for charge backs on orders

- Address and save money for shipping costs on remaining orders on an individual basis

- Sort and ship remaining Romac orders

I think of all of you everyday and truely feel deservingly awful as a friend and an operator to all involved or hurt by my actions. I’m tired of being selfish and I’m tired of being incredibly lazy with how I’ve done everything.

From your views, nothing has changed and I know you probably expect all of these events to unfold as one of the many “scams” we have witnessed within the community.   I cant live with myself and know I did something in that regard.  Nor can I allow my naive and stupid neglegence end up really hurting people.  Not to mention the consequences involved with the law as a result of me doing something as irresponsible as this. 

I will be loggin all transactions and real progress towards the remaining orders in the next month.  I may restart the previous trello link and will show that on the homepage of the site.

I am not sure how to handle any further support emails as all I can do right now is save money, possibly try to get some loan assistance and close these issues for good by finishing what I’ve started.  But I will get concerns, advice, and questions heard and answered. 

After the conclusion of these buys and orders, Kingly-Keys will permanently close operation for obvious reasons. 

Thank you all for your time as my customers.  

- Garret (a.k.a. The_Royal)

Posted 6/17/2021